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It's 2200 and all history books have been destroyed by the newly formed agency S.M.A.T. in order to prevent conflict and war betweeen nations. Your job is to find the books protected by the S.M.A.T. officers and prove that there are other better ways to prevent war. You will play as Sofia and Thomas, the two characters have their own unique graphics, yet are similar because of being siblings.


The S.M.A.T. officers have their own AI with patrolling systems that are different and random each time. They also have their own field of vision, avoid it not to raise the alarm. Your goal is to get the book at the end of each level, it will usually be on higher ground. In order to get to the book you will need to activate some platforms by pressing a button, always guarded by a S.M.A.T. officer.  

Each level has more than one way it can be won, it is up for you to decide which way you win. 

The game features uncompressed and beautiful high quality graphics that work on even the really bad computers (And I am talking even "intergrated graphics card" type of bad).


Walk: A & D or Left-Arrow & Right-Arrow.

Jump: Space.

Restart-Level (in case of a bug or glitch): "L" -  (lower case).

Install instructions

Open the zip folder and double click the .exe file.


Thomas&Sofia.zip 333 MB

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